How to package a vario gearbox for transport

« It is not uncommon for customers to send us vario boxes, but due to poor packaging, parts are lost or damaged during transport and inevitably, the price increases. See examples of good and bad packaging below on this page.

  • Strength: I really insist on this point, it is extremely common for the received varios to be damaged because they are placed on a very light palette. It is imperative to use a very solid support (metal or thick wood). The housing often breaks when falling from the palette, which adds 2000€ that can easily be avoided if you use a good support. We generally return the equipment with the same support as on the way, so do not hesitate to send it with a very good support.
  • Insurance: Carriers generally only reimburse 1000€ (subject to certain conditions) if you have not requested specific insurance. (Consider taking photos before sending them if necessary).
  • Watertightness: For example, by covering it with plastic film, by emptying the oil as much as possible beforehand, or by putting plugs (be careful not to let them enter the equipment).
  • Stability: Add wedges, support, straps, or anything else you think is useful. And above all, avoid letting the vario’s feet hang in the air, which regularly causes varios we receive to tip over. You can, for example, lay it on its side, which lowers its center of gravity to prevent the package from tipping over. Be careful not to damage any pipes.
  • Packaging the planetary train: It must not move, it is certainly the most important element of the vario, so do not neglect it.
Four repaired varios waiting to be returned to our customers

Good example of packaging a vario gearbox

1 Wooden crate for vario packaging

Some customers send us the vario in a wooden crate

Vario seen from the side in its wooden crate
Vario seen from above in its wooden crate

2 Official AGCO transport crate

2 Closed AGCO metal crates
2 Open AGCO metal crates containing varios

3 Vario gearbox packaged on palette

, How to package a vario gearbox for transport
AGCO (Fendt) vario not packaged, placed on palette and support
AGCO (Fendt) vario planetary train packaged, placed on palette and support
AGCO (Fendt) vario packaged, placed on palette and support
AGCO (Fendt) vario fully packaged, placed on palette and support

Bad example of vario gearboxes that have been sent to us

, How to package a vario gearbox for transport
The vario’s foot passes through the palette, which destabilizes the vario

There must be at least one board underneath, otherwise the vario’s foot will slide and the vario will tip over and it may break.

The ideal is always to lay it on its side, it is lower, it carries well flat and the heaviest is at the bottom, it lowers the center of gravity and it prevents the package from tipping over.

If you do not have a carrier, do not hesitate to ask us to use ours.

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